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The Sims 3 - Glitches Galore.

Ascetic Merer Friday, July 23, 2010 , ,
I was excited when the Sims 3 first was announced. Then I was sad because my PC wasn't adequate to play. Then about a year in, I received a new PC, and hail! - It could play the Sims 3. This began a frustrating quest for me. After obtaining my legal copies of the Sims 3, the World Adventures pack, and the Ambitions pack, with legal tender, I sat down to install. This went more or less smoothly other than some region issues which were vanquished via registry edits. This is one thing that many other Simmer's have ran into. Especially those who buy copies off of Amazon or similar sites. Say the bought the Sims 3 from Ebay, from an American store, blahblahblah. Region 1. However they bought the expansions from Amazon.UK because it was the cheapest price. Wham. No installation for you! Region errors! Like I said, a tech savvy person could easily fix this with a few registry value changes.

If you manage to make it past all of the above - You can play!

So I jumped right into a Legacy style family - something that true Simmers will know of - and my sims procreated like rabbits. Eventually my house became too small and I could no longer keep modifying it. Moving time right? Wrong. Getting stuck on Processing. Anyone else who plays large Sim lots and try to move will probably experience the same thing. I ended up having to start my family all over again, and with a family of three, I have no problems moving. Any more and it gets stuck on processing. And when I say stuck - I mean everything is responding, the game just refuses to load. Yup, I can click and scroll all I want. Game is NOT frozen.

Thanks Electronic Arts. Hopefully a patch will be released to fix this error soon because hundreds of players are experiencing this problem. Unfortunately we might not see this patch until the next expansion is released. Oh well. Happy Simming.

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