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Dear Xbox,

Ascetic Merer Friday, July 23, 2010 , , , , , , , , , , ,
I am a true gamer, as all my close friends know. I'm also a Microsoft veteran. Recently my xbox red ringed, E-whatever error involving the videocard. Either way - it was sent off to Microsoft for repair, and I should be receiving it shortly, but only after mass amounts of time yelling at poor Indian customer service reps and near panic attacks. But that's not what this is about. This is about Microsoft's failed attempts at trying to please everyone. I remember when not too long ago when I could categorize gaming and their respective consols. Nintendo is generally for younger crowds/family gaming, Sony primarily for those who want to be able to play games without having to 'seriously' play, but also wanted to show off to their friends how much money they or mommy and daddy have, and Xbox was for the economic hardcore gamer. Oh and PC is for the hardcore gamer who likes to show off to their friends how much money they/their parents have. 'Nuf said there. Last year at E3 - yes I kept up with it - Project Natal was announced. Cool. Xbox is trying to keep up with Nintendo. I could see how this could be interesting. This year at E3 - You've got to be kidding me. Here are a few things I am displeased about.
1. Kinect - Why the sudden name change? Why not keep it Natal? I'm sure there is an explanation out there I'm not bothering to look for.
2. The price - Oh look what the new xbox's ha - ... wait... you have to buy it separately? My exact thoughts when I noticed this. With a price tag of around 150.00 USD ... on top of what I already pay for my Xbox itself, games, extra controllers, fancy recharging packs, microphones AND Xbox Live ... I do believe being addicted to methamphetamine would be cheaper than being addicted to gaming.
3. Has anyone genuinely watched the people playing it at E3. While sure, navigating the menu's by hand is pretty cool ... but I don't want to look like handicapped person having a seizure when I play my games.
4. Which leads me to the games. Only certain games will be able to use full Kinect features. This worries me - Microsoft is going to start lowering their game standards! For example the Wii Sports equivalent that sells for like 50 USD. I will pay 50 USD for a copy of Gears of War 3. Or Halo Reach. Not a 'sports' game with no real objective or thought put into it's creation.
5. Lastly; The glitches. Remember how many people had problems when the NXE came out? See below.

'Nuf said.
In closing.
Dear Xbox;
Please stop trying to keep up wit the times and focus on making your product work. You have enough problems to fix without adding all this new non sense that will make you lose even more money. You're starting to take after America a little too much. Leave the motion sensing to Wii, they came up with it first, and for God's sake, do not ever add a blue ray player. I don't think your support staff would be able to keep up with all the ensuing red rings and repairs.
Your Fan
Ascetic Merer


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